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How Physician Liaisons Are Working Remotely

How Physician Liaisons Are Working Remotely

Physician liaison marketing has changed during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and many liaisons are wondering... What can I do to be effective or create value for my physicians at this time? What are the strategies I can use as a physician liaison working remotely? If. you...

What is a Physician Liaison?

What is a Physician Liaison?

A Look at the Role of a Physician LiaisonPhysicians understand the importance of connecting and building relationships with local providers, but with their primary focus on delivering the highest quality of care to their patients, this may fall to the wayside. A...

How To Become A Physician Liaison

How To Become A Physician Liaison

Guide to Becoming a Physician LiaisonThe healthcare world is an ever-changing and exciting industry full of opportunity and various positions. One of the unique career opportunities in the healthcare marketing world is that of physician liaison marketing. What does a...

Starting a Physician Relations Program

Starting a Physician Relations Program

10 Tips to a Profitable Physician Relations Program in 2020You’re ready to expand your reach and connect with local referring physicians and there is no better ways to do that then implement a physician relations program! But first, it is important to understand what...

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Scott Burgess is the founder and host of the Healthcare360 Podcast, where he discusses topics surrounding the healthcare system in the US market today. He orchestrates a diverse, raw conversation while exposing what is really going on behind big healthcare and offers...

Practice Admins: The Unseen Hero’s Ep 145

 People might not know who they are, but administrative professionals are the heroes behind keeping the practice intact and ensuring that they stay afloat and maintain their day-to-day operations. Our guests for today are Brenda Messick and Marcus Bullock. They are...

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