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Welcome to My Healthcare Marketing Podcast!

Healthcare Marketing expert and agency owner Kelley Knott brings you the Patient Convert Podcast. I talk about everything healthcare marketing including strategies, tactics and tips to grow your healthcare organization and have fun doing it! Discover new ways to boost your marketing covering topics including social media marketing, SEO, physician liaison training, content marketing, lead generation and more. This podcast is created for the go-getters and healthcare organizations just like you!

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Past Episodes & Show Notes

Below is the full list of Patient Convert Podcast episode. View transcripts, downloads and show notes for each episode below!

What Role Do Reviews Play in SEO? #101 – Podcast

What Role Do Reviews Play in SEO? #101 – Podcast

Reviews have arrived. They’ve been here for a while now. I’d say two to three years of really prominent importance when it comes to Google. But as far as 2019 and beyond, which is what matters most, is reviews have arrived and reviews are here to stay. I would rank it as one of the most critical components of a healthy, profitable healthcare marketing strategy.

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What Role Do Reviews Play on SEO?

What are patient reviews, and where do they rank in the overall healthcare marketing strategies that you must-have for your practice? Kelley and special guest Justin Knott explore the important role that reviews play in helping improve your practice’s organic search rankings. 

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