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Learn How To Confidently Market

to Referring Physicians that Convert Patients Referrals

in Just 90 Days

Stand Out from your competition and build strong 
physician referral relationships

(without the costly mistakes, painstaking tracking and
reporting hang-ups, and constantly wondering “what do I do next?)

If you’re a physician liaison, healthcare marketing professional, or a physician looking to generate more revenue for your medical practice by developing physician referral relationships, then you’re ready to create your physician relations marketing program.

Let me save you the speech!

No need to convince you of the impact a physician relations marketing program can bring to your practice, that’s something already in your marketing vision.

You know the impact that implementing a successful physician liaison marketing program is the crucial element that allows you to save time and focus on patient care, reach multiple referring doctors, and scale your medical practice.

What You

Need to Know

Generate Consistent Patient Referrals & Revenue

Implementing a physician liaison-marketing program allows you to take control of your marketing and profits. You no longer have to worry about losing potential patients to the competition, or wondering if local referring physicians know about the quality and level of patient care you provide. Instead, you will provide them with all the reliable referral information they need to send patients with ease, and direct communication to make sure you are always the first one they reach out to! 

Instantly Raise Your Level Of Professionalism

Show your local referring doctors that you have employed a professional ambassador for the practice that is both, highly trained and works with the practice in an organized marketing program. By providing this level of “service” it will reflect the high level of degree or quality your practice provides for both patients and local referring doctors.

Develop Strong Physician Referral Relationships

Offer unique and valuable resources for referring physicians. Make numerous touchpoints and learn more about your healthcare community and what you can do to improve the referral process and get patients.

Scale Your Practice

With consistent referrals, an increase in services and surgeries, reliable cash flow, and less of your time having to manage the marketing, you can capitalize on new opportunities to expand your practice. Maybe welcome another specialist to the team or start a new location, whatever it may take to control your profits and practice!

Where do I start?

Maybe you’re just beginning or committed with the best intentions to start in the past.

You’ve created the job listing for a physician liaison, prepared the staff, and even made some physician lists.

If you’re committed, maybe you have even hired a physician liaison and began marketing assuring yourself all the details will “fall in place,” or you will “learn as you go.”

But even with the best intentions, most physician liaison marketing programs become abandoned without the proper training and structures. You are allowing your competition to jump in and make connections while you sit on the sidelines.

Here’s why most physicians abandoned their physician liaison marketing

Physicians feel their physician liaisons are not producing results.

In an attempt to save them time, physicians are mistakenly under the impression that their physician liaisons will not require training, especially if they have medical sales experience, BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

Without a clear marketing project plan with organized structures, resources, and defined benchmarks and goals to track ROI, most physicians get lost on how to manage the program. And physician liaisons are ill-equipped so the “would be” physician liaison marketing programs fall flat.

These physicians and physician liaisons fall victim to the hard tasks of managing and tracking hang-ups ( the professionals give the impression of being so simple). These pitfalls cost time, money, and resources all due to their being no clear direction on what is needing to be done next to become a successful physician liaison.

How this can be detrimental to your marketing

As a physician, your priority is delivering the highest quality of patient care and making sure your patients come first. You can’t afford to sacrifice the time and resources to lose momentum in your physician liaison marketing plan.

Once you get lost or overwhelmed, it’s almost impossible to start again.

Therefore, to successfully implement a physician liaison marketing program, you want to make sure you do right the first time.

And the best news is, few physicians and practices are doing it right.

In truth, most of your competitors have failed or not delivering the needed level of professionalism and detail to produce results.


The door is wide open for you to swoop in and deliver actual value for your referring doctors that can really convert patients.

That is if you don’t get up making the same mistakes your competitors are making…

Top 4 Reasons

Physician Liaison Marketing Programs Fail

( And how to make sure yours DOES NOT!)

Underestimating the marketing project scope

(or worse, not committing the time)


Implementing a physician liaison marketing program isn’t particularly complicated but there are many moving parts and potential hurdles that could misdirect the marketing or causing it to fail.

How do I measure ROI? How do I track my physician liaison? How do I structure the program?

You will have a lot of questions along the way.

The truth is creating a profitable physician liaison marketing program involves true commitment. Paying attention to detail and investing in the marketing project as a whole including time and resources.

Marketing to physicians before you build it


Ok, this is not going to make me very popular BUT I have to say it

DO NOT market to referring physicians before you have completed a physician referral report to establish your numbers and scope.

I know that it seems like you already know all you need to know about your referring doctors, and the excitement to begin can be overwhelming.

But this is a MAJOR MISTAKE

As I mentioned earlier, physician liaison marketing needs to be treated as implementing a new department for your practice.

You need to take the time to gather the analytics to be able to efficiently develop the roles, responsibilities, benchmarks, goals, and strategies for referring physicians.

The goal is to build a profitable physician liaison marketing program that converts referrals and increases revenue.

It’s essential to take the time and energy to accomplish the tasks needed to create the strategy using the specs you know your referring doctors want.

Marketing pre-maturely leads to stagnant results and failed programs.

The best way to ensure the success of the program is to be informed, disciplined, organized and focused on the steps and not jumping ahead or overwhelming yourself.

After you’ve created the foundation and the time is right to reach your goals with the analytics and tested and proven methods that will scale your medical practice!

Physician liaisons are not properly trained to convert patients


Having medical sales or pharmaceutical sales is not the same as being a fully trained physician liaison. In extremely rare cases they can go hand in hand but it is highly unlikely. 

I’ve known many really extremely talented sales and pharmaceutical reps who have many local physician relationships and insights to add value to the marketing. The only problem is, they had difficulty connecting with referring physicians and building new relationships not based on sales.

The truth is…

In order to be an effective physician liaison, they must be professionally trained. To develop referring physician relationships that are centered on building patient referrals and not a foundation based on product sales is very different.

Without effective messaging and establishing value as a qualified practice ambassador and not a sales representative, physician engagement drops, results are non-existent, and the loss of time and resources will be costly.

Not knowing your numbers


I know the excitement to jump right in can be overwhelming, but you need to first clearly understand where you are.

Many physicians have been practicing for long enough to understand some patterns in patient referrals but you can’t implement a profitable marketing program basing the growth on opinion.

It’s crucial to the success of the program to run marketing reports and draw analytics through these reports to establish benchmarks and reasonable goals.

Having a clear understanding of the current referral patterns through analytics will also provide you with the insight and tools to develop a strategic marketing plan.

After all this about learning the needs and wants of your referring doctors.

( And how to make sure yours DOES NOT!)

Expert Tip!

Even though Hospitals and large healthcare organizations have been using physician liaison marketing successfully for years to increase patient referrals for specialist, private practiconers are just beginning to adopt this marketing approach.

A few medical practices will gain that BIG COMPETIVE edge and reap the rewards, while other programs will flop.

The main reason for this is that, though the obstacles for implementing a physician liaison marketing program for your practice are very low…

The obstacles towards SUCCESFULL IMPLEMENTATION are relatively high

But as long as you avoid these costly mistakes that cause most physician liaison marketing programs to flop, this course helps lead the way for you!

Build a physician liaison marketing program that you can easily manage and track, builds strong physician referral relationships, and produces profitable results.

Train your liaisons to develop marketing relationships that convert patients.


Fast Track Your Way to Profitable Physician Referral Relationships in 90 Days

Physician Liaison University™ is designed based on my proven step-by-step processes that I use when training and implementing physician relations marketing programs that have generated 8 + figure results for medical practices and physicians.

Physician Liaison University™ includes Kelley’s personal experiences, work examples and case studies, step-by-step processes, how to guidelines, a list of resources including programs and software, FREE guides, cheat sheets, and more!

Learn how to successfully Implement your Physician Relations Marketing Program today!

You will learn specific strategies and effective messaging to convert patient referrals, but more importantly how to build a marketing plan unique to your practice that will answer all your questions and guide the way to the results you want!


Developing a physician relations marketing program unique to your practice using in house professionally trained physician liaisons, clear and easy management checks and balances, tracking and reporting, and most importantly increases patient referrals and profits! 

Learn in Physician Liaison University™

It is the first program of its kind….

It is built with the physician in mind

This course is built by understanding that a physician’s top priority is patient care, so time is a valuable resource. The convenience of taking a virtual course allows medical practices to enroll liaisons at their speed from the convenience of their practice.

Saving you time and resources.

We also understand that in-person training programs can be costly and burdensome on some budgets; this course is built for all size practices to afford.

Also providing the convenience of a virtual course to take at the comfort of your practice or home, accessible at any time that fits your schedule, the course offers ongoing support and training to walk through the physician liaison marketing process.

Unlike expensive and 1 to 2 day seminars we understand that to be effective, physicians and liaisons need ongoing support and training, as well as, resources to use to implement their program.

Teaches physician liaisons how to confidently speak to physicians that converts patient referrals

Instruct physician liaisons on how to confidently and effectively speak with referring doctors that set you apart from the competition and convert patients.

Focuses on details and building a program with a solid foundation

You will learn how to implement a program using the needed structures, software, and resources to ensure you will succeed. We dive deep into step-by-step strategies, checks, and balances, and building strong referral relationships.

Skip the expensive 1 to 2 Day seminars that require you to take time from work, expensive travel, and after the day seminar, there is no ongoing support!

Pick a training course built with your specific needs in mind, affordable to your budget, flexible to your schedule, and offers ongoing training and support!

What you’ll discover

How to Become a Successful Physician Liaison


  • Earning Your Physician Liaison Medical Marketing Degree (PLMMD) to help direct you to reach goals, understand the effective visit frequency and follow up, and daily responsibilities of a physician liaison.
  • To be a successful physician liaison, you must make your claim as an invaluable asset to the referral marketing program and discover how to create a real “value” as a physician liaison
  • Learn what converts patient referrals with this step-by-step action plan, so you know how to excel. 
  • How to know if your practice is ready to go full force on building a physician liaison program or start small with 4 Referral Marketing Validation Exercises

Creating Your Marketing Plan


  • Gain the confidence you need to market to physicians and medical practices with a complete Physician Liaison Roadmap so you’re ready when you’re in the field.
  • A step-by-step game plan to developing your Practice Audit so you can gain vital feedback from your ideal physician referrals and patients.
  • Develop a complete outline with your Strategic Physician Liaison Marketing Gameplan that leads you through every step to building an effective physician relations marketing program for your practice!

How to Confidently Market To Physicians & Practices To Convert Patients


  • Find out some of the biggest mistakes physician liaisons make when marketing to doctors and how you can avoid it. 
  • Discover the simple but crazy effective 3 P Power Plays For Getting Past The Gatekeepers.
  • Learn how to Talk to Physicians Confidently to Convert Patients.
  • Marketing – to Practice VIPs Checklist to boost referrals.
  • Uncover your Physician Liaison Hook this is your unique differentiator so you can soar past the competition.

Maintain Strong & Lasting Referral Relationships


  • Everything you need to know about developing a successful follow-up campaign when marketing in the field. 
  • Implement the best strategies to enhance referral relationships.
  • 6 Clues When To Follow-up ASAP
  • Take your marketing to the next level and discover how to expand your network further!

Tracking & Reporting Your Marketing

  • Optimize your efforts and learn how to  track your marketing properly to improve performance.  
  • Discover what you need to know about reporting and measuring your ROI.
  • Learn how to streamline marketing with an overview marketing report for your physicians.

Your Complete Training Guide 

  • Access to the tools of the trade so you can get started right away (plus some exclusive membership only access and discounts)!
  • A complete tutorial for effective digital healthcare marketing strategies for your practice (killer information to have a full 360-degree marketing approach.) 
  • A Complete 30-Day Physician Liaison Training Calender great for newbies to the biz!
  • A 90-Day Marketing Plan for Your Practice seamless hit the ground running with this step-by-step process to boost your marketing! 
  • How to Handle Negative Feedback Tutorial

“Kelley has designed PLU in such a clear, informative way. Whether you are a beginning or a well seasoned Liaison, there is expert advice for anyone in Healthcare Marketing.”

Holly L.

Physician Liaison, KSF Orthopeadic Center

the difference it can make for your practice

In just 90 days you’ve built a profitable physician outreach marketing program for your practice that can give you that competitive edge you’ve been looking for.

Avoid the unnecessary missteps and mistakes that can happen when implementing a physician liaison marketing program and relish in the freedom of not having to worry.

Have 100% confidence in the level of professionalism and skill set of your physician liaisons.

Leverage your time & profits with a virtual course convenient to your schedule, and that fits your budget.

Lose the constant questions of “what do I do now?” with a complete A-Z guide to building a successful physician liaison marketing program.

Save the headache of wondering how to effectively and efficiently manage a physician liaison marketing program so you can focus on what you love.

Gain on-going support and resources to guide you on your way.

Develop a program unique to the needs of your practice with step by step processes, guides, and checklists to apply to your marketing.

Join Physician Liaison University Today

it is the first program of its kind….

The Complete Physician Liaison University™ Program

(a $4,997 value)

Your membership includes access to all five video modules, cheat sheets, marketing guides, project plans, and information on what tools and resources you need to implement your first profitable physician liaison marketing program with self-confidence and comfort.

  • Create your IDEAL referring physician profile
  • Utilize the validation process to reveal precisely identify the NEEDS AND WANTS of referring physicians.
  • Develop the SKILLS & CONFIDENCE You need to be the most effective physician liaison.
  • Build your physician liaison marketing QUICKLY and PROFESSIONALLY by attaining the knowledge of what works and what to avoid.
  • ON-GOING SUPPORT and training resources to keep you on track!

With Everything Added Up You Have A Total Value Of $4,997!

(which is crazy low compared to the value of the program you will be creating)

But, because I’m super excited to welcome you into the growing group of physician liaisons building their physician referral relationships the RIGHT way (and thus impacting thousands of patients), I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in Physician Liaison University™ at the special promo price of just…




Access to the Members Only Private Facebook Group

Month 1-Access to modules 1-2

Month 2- Access to modules 3- Bonus

The 90- Day Marketing Plan

30- Day training Calender

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

PAY IN FULL (save $100)



Access to the Members Only Private Facebook Group

Complete Access to all the modules & Bonus

The 90- Day Marketing Plan

30- Day training Calendar

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies




All Pay in Full Membership, Plus:

Three 20 minute 1-0n-1 personal consulting and Q & A conference calls with consultant, Kelley Knott. Allowing you to ask private and specific questions to help you along the way!


If you have questions please contact us.


Waiting up to this point to build a physician liaison marketing has given you the opportunity to:

Allow your competitors to make big mistakes in their physician liaison marketing (giving you the opportunity to swoop in and learn from their mistakes and make the corrections.)

Jump in and show your referring physicians the value and advantages of your physician liaison marketing program and repair broken relationships.

Don’t Let Your Competitors Capture Valuable Patient Referrals

Stop Sitting On The Sidelines TODAY is the day, not months from now



How Long Do I Have Access to Physician Liaison University?

A license gives you full access to the course and private Facebook group for one year from the purchase date. We offer an annual renewal fee of $99 to continue to have access to the course and Facebook group after the first year. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a NO REFUND POLICY for the Physician Liaison University™ Course; ALL sales are final. At the current time, because I provide the course and course materials available for view and download after the purchase, I do not offer refunds to protect the intellectual property provided. To check out our refund policy, you can go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Will Have Time To Take The Course and Work?

The benefit of a digital Course is that you can take it with your schedule. But make no mistake; this will take work and commitment to see the results you want, no skipping!

What Happens to the Purchased License If the Liaison Leaves the Practice?

Unfortunately, that can happen! Life moves on even if a liaison moves on or does not work out that has taken PLU. Below is our policy on if a liaison that has purchased a license in your practice leaves.

Inside of 90 Days:

If the license was purchased in the last 90 days, we charge a $99 Membership Replacement fee. This includes swapping out the membership login info, full access to the course with a renewed 1 year from date of purchase, and reset of the course progress.

Outside of 90 Days:

If the purchase was made more than 90 days ago, then a new license will be required to be purchased in full to gain access to the course again for any other liaison in the practice to gain access.

What If The Competition Is Marketing In My Area?

Perfect! That’s an excellent opportunity to build a stronger referral relationship, take advantage of their missteps and swoop-in.

How Many Hours A Week Should I Invest In Taking The Course?

Once you’ve enrolled, you will have access to all the modules so you can build your physician liaison marketing program at whatever speed your schedule allows. A reasonable minimum is about 2-3 hours every week, a small-time commitment for the best results.

What If I Don’t Have A Physician Liaison?

Though the course will provide great insight to physicians and healthcare executives, it is built to help physician liaisons apply the material, training strategies, and exercises into action for their program. If you do not have a physician liaison currently to implement the program, I advise you do not purchase the course until you are ready, it is a commitment and created for physician liaisons.

I Have A Team Of 5 or more Physician Liaisons Taking The Course Is There A Discount?

Yes! To inquire about team training pricing, please email

What is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a NO REFUND POLICY for the Physician Liaison University™ Course; ALL sales are final. At the current time, because I offer the course and course materials available for view and download after purchase, I do not offer refunds to protect the intellectual property provided. To check out our refund policy you can go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS.

Who is a good fit for
Physician Liaison University…?

If you are a new physician liaison ready to learn effective strategies to grow your practice.

If you are an experienced liaison ready for a tune-up or seeking new strategies to help you grow.

If you have a team of physician liaisons and need consistent training and effective strategies to create a highly engaged physician relations marketing program.

If you have been interested in growing your physician referrals but have struggled with how to how to do it right.

If you have new physician liaisons to your team that need professional training or existing team members that could use a tune-up.

If your practice has welcomed a new physician or has a new practice and your looking to develop a physician outreach program.

If you have a team of physician liaisons but no consistent training or structures so the marketing is uniform.

If your current marketing has become stagnant or is producing lackluster results.

If your competition is in town and you would like to engage with local physicians to discuss the advantages of referring to your practice.

If your practice is trying to increase the number of high revenue surgeries and procedures.

If you are looking to expand your referral network grow your practice and increase revenue.

If you answered YES to any above enroll in my course today and I can’t wait to return your commitment with a comprehensive physician liaison marketing program guide.

Who is Not a fit for
Physician Liaison University…?

If you are a physician, healthcare professional, or marketing executive that does not have a physician liaison to take the course for your practice or hospital system.

If you’re considering becoming a physician liaison but not currently employed as one.

If you are a marketing professional seeking to learn more about physician liaison marketing.

If you are a marketing professional seeking to learn more about physician liaison marketing.

If you are not ready to do the work or make the time commitment to take the course.

The course is created for physician liaisons to learn effective strategies and step by step processes to implement in their current referral network.

If you are not a physician liaison or currently do not have a physician liaison in your employment to take the course, it is advised you to do not purchase the course until you are ready to implement the strategies for your medical practice or hospital system.




Access to the Members Only Private Facebook Group

Month 1-Access to modules 1-2

Month 2- Access to modules 3, 4, 5 & Bonus

The 90- Day Marketing Plan

30- Day training Calendar

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

PAY IN FULL (save $100)



Access to the Members Only Private Facebook Group

Complete Access to all the modules & Bonus

The 90- Day Marketing Plan

30- Day training Calendar

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies




All Pay in Full Membership, Plus:

Three 20 minute 1-0n-1 personal consulting and Q & A conference calls with consultant, Kelley Knott. Allowing you to ask private and specific questions to help you along the way!


If you have questions please contact us.

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