Meet Kelley Knott

From physician liaison to the consultant…

I help physicians build lucrative physician liaison programs so they can focus on what they love, patient care.

I began my journey as a physician liaison working with large practices and in vast territories.

Before I was consulting and training physicians and liaisons on how to successfully build lasting referral relationships and managing a program, I was the “boots on the ground girl.”

I was out in the field marketing and making connections and building a large network of physicians.

Taking the Leap from Physician Liaison to CEO & Consultant…

As a physician liaison, I knew I had…

  • Created multiple 8+ figure Physician Liaison Marketing Programs
  • Created value
  • Streamlined communication
  • Efficiently and effectively marketed to referring physicians
  • Substantially grew patient referrals for my doctors
  • Successfully increased both high-revenue procedures and overall practice revenue
  • Created measurableprofitable results for physicians and practices.

…so I wanted to expand my reach and start a marketing agency dedicated to helping many practices and physicians develop successful marketing programs and drive patients.


How I built Multiple 8+ Figure Physician Liaison Marketing Programs for Practices

As a physician liaison, I quickly noticed that my time was spent addressing the mini fires of how to successfully build a physician liaison program.

Every success in the field was hit with similar roadblocks due to a need for an organized system…

How to measure ROI

Tracking the marketing

Developing the right marketing collateral

Developing a consistent training program

Frequency and follow-up

I decided that I would build a physician liaison marketing platform for physician liaisons and physicians from the ground up.

I’ve created a designated course to gain all the training and resources available to successfully build a profitable physician relations marketing program unique to their practice and needs.

Changing the Game by Creating the First Digital Training Course of Its Kind

My goal was to develop a superior course to anything that was out there that would train physician liaisons on how to successfully market to physicians and manage the marketing program.

I would create a physician liaison course that would streamline efforts and automate the process.


Develop a professional and consistent training program


Teach physician liaisons how to confidently market to physicians to convert patients


Implement a an efficient tracking process


Learn how to measure ROI


And much more!

I also decided to tackle the hurdles and hesitations that physicians and physician liaisons face when deciding on the best physician liaison training.

  1. Time
  2. On-going support.
  • Be accessible to your schedule on your time
  • Be affordable for small practices and large healthcare systems
  • Provide on-going support and training instead of one off training or pricey 1 to 2 day seminars.

I discovered how to implement a profitable PLM program that streamlines efforts, measures ROI, fast tracks the training process, and optimizes patient referral results!

I enjoyed helping other physician liaisons learn how to strategically market their practice and effectively communicate with physicians.

And I did this by applying action Items that create value.

I Have Developed a Reputation For Building A Marketing Program That Converts Patients.

I start this by diving deep into the analytics of practice and apply strategic marketing action items. This allows you to develop real marketing roadmaps and create a profitable program that you can measure.

I’ve given physicians, practices, and hospital groups the tools of how to manage a physician liaison as well as effectively market to physicians to convert patients. By saving them time, avoiding pitfalls, and providing a professionally trained physician liaison.

This Works Because I Train Liaisons Based On Experience & Knowledge.

I use my proven and tested step-by-step process that I personally used to build 7+ figure programs. My process involves measurable goals, step-by-step processes, and on-going support.

Want to get started? Start with my free online physician liaison resources right away; check out one of my special “how-to” guides.

Are you ready to drive new patient referrals, expand your physician network, increase practice revenue, and build a profitable physician relations program you can stand behind?

It’s time to dedicate your hard work towards a physician relations program that grows your network and produces patient referrals!

Are you ready to build a physician referral network that converts patients?

Start Strong

Create a strong foundation for your marketing program.

Grow Your Network

Discover how to confidently market to physicians and practices

Expand Your Profits

Leverage your effort and amplify your marketing

Learn About Me

CEO and Co-founder with her husband of an Award-winning Agency Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Avid animal lover and can often be found with the company of her fur babies

University of Alabama alumni, ROLL TIDE!

As a Florida native Kelley’s favorite hobbies include sport fishing with her family and soaking in the sun on the coast

My love for healthcare marketing led me to launch my own award winning agency in 2014

My business partner and I started Intrepy Healthcare Marketing in 2014 to deliver a different approach to marketing for medical practices by combining my physician liaison expertise with his digital marketing background.

Fast forward nearly 6 years later and we are an award-winning, full-service healthcare marketing agency in Atlanta that helps medical practice develop marketing strategies to reach and convert new patients.



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