Kelley answers the main questions she gets asked about most when it comes to her profession as a physician liaison, from what do they do, how can they benefit and help scale medical practices and so much more.


What a Physician Liaison is not

A physician Liaison is not a sales rep. A liaison is a business development person for either a hospital system, medical practice, or physicians. Physician Liaisons do not sell products or services. They are there to help build referral relationships.

What landed Kelley into the Liaison world?

Kelley’s familiarity with the medical world began when she was a child. Her Grandfather was the first orthopedic surgeon to graduate from the first orthopedic fellowship. Her uncle is also an orthopedic surgeon, brother is a musculoskeletal orthopedic surgeon and her mom is a medical illustrator for international and national books.

How can Physician Liaisons help a medical practice?

Liaisons bridge the gaps between physicians and cultivate the relationships and facilitate needs to streamline the referral process.

How do Liaisons streamline the process in my medical practice?

Liaisons can help accommodate ways physicians refer patients and also offer customer service training.

Increase High Revenue Procedures or Surgeries with Physician Liaisons

With Physician Liaisons you have a specialist who can meet with a representative to talk about approaches to patient care that can benefit high profile cases.

Set your self apart from sales reps

You are coming from a colleague’s office to bring help, not sales! Maybe leave the sweets until it is the right time to do so. I go over when it is the right time, in my course!

Identify the needs and wants of referring physicians

Ask the questions and build the relations. Have a call to actions in place and build a strong follow-up. You have the ability to bring physicians face to face in the community. As a Liaison, it is your job to identify objections, hurdles, and hesitations, and find how to overcome them.

Call to action

Don’t expect everyone to remember you. Your message needs to be clear and clinically based. Make it clear in introductions that you are a liaison, so you can get time with the physician.

What are the different Challenges you face as a physician Liaison?


*Are your initial interactions successful?


*What are ways you can identify yourself more as a physician liaison clearly?


My recent poll shows that doctors do want to meet with physician liaisons, they are just not aware that is who they are. That is why you need to make it clear in your introduction so you can make the most of your time and meet with the physicians directly.

Doctors are hesitant to meet with Medical Reps


I have huge respect for people in the medical rep field. I just think doctors are a little burned. That’s why we as liaisons need to make it clear from the beginning.

Liaisons help continually build relationships in the community.


Liaisons can not only set out fires in the community, they get feedback from members in the community, about: the practice, physicians, and patients and find out what your community needs most. Scale your practice and target your approach to how you will target new patients and even strategy training.

One Note to Remember, Physician Liaisons

You have so much to offer physicians. You are an extension of their practice, you can increase their revenue, and scare their practice! So much value!


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by Kelley Knott

Kelley Knott is an expert Physician Liaison Trainer and consultant. Her passion is the help liaisons and practices maximize their effectiveness to improve patient care and revenue new revenue streams for their practice or hospital system. She is one of the first people in the US to develop online courses specifically geared toward physician liaison marketing. She is a published author, entrepreneur, and speaker.


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