How to Advance Your Physician Liaison Career

Feb 20, 2019 | Physician Liaison Marketing

Finding and Keeping Top Level Physician Liaisons

Physician liaison marketing is the best way to expand your referring physician network and introduce your physicians.

Even though deciding to implement physician liaison marketing is an easy one but, finding the right talent isn’t always as easy of a decision.

To have a highly successful physician liaison marketing program, you need to find the right individuals to direct the physician relations outreach marketing.

So, how do you attract the right talent for my physician liaisons marketing program?

1. Physician Liaison Training Programs

Provide a complete and professional physician liaison training program for your physician liaisons. The physician liaison training will equip your liaisons with all the needed materials, tools, resources, and education to succeed as a physician liaison.

The education and completion of the physician liaison training will provide them with a high level of knowledge and accomplishment that will enhance their professional career.

Having completed a professional training program will better improve their performance but also allow them to increase the value of their resume for future career goals.

Not only will physician liaisons feel supported and prepared to accomplish their physician liaison requirements, `but also by working in your employ and having completed the professional physician liaison training they have significantly improved their value and have a higher level of degree in their career.

This allows the physician liaison not only to gain necessary experience but have earned a higher level of education and certification as professional in which they can use when looking to further their career.

5 ways a physician liaison training program will improve your chances of attracting top talent:

  • Reflects the high level of professionalism for your physician liaison program
  • Significantly improves the quality of the physician liaison marketing
  • Provides physician liaison marketing with consistency and efficiency
  • Physician liaisons are fully supported with resources and structures
  • Provides your liaisons with the highest level of certification as professional physician liaison adding value to their career and resume in addition to experience 

Make Physician Liaison Marketing A Career Worth Keeping!

2. Full-time Physician Liaison

Invest in your physician liaison marketing by building a full-time employment opportunity with room for career growth.

After all, you need a full-time commitment from your physician relations manager. You need them to devote their time to building your physician liaison marketing without the constraints of part-time availability.

Full-time physician liaisons have a higher rate of staying given that the full-time employment provides them with the needed security of financial support, benefits, and a career opportunity too good to leave.

Part-time physician liaisons tend have a higher rate of leaving because they except the position but are continually seeking new better full-time opportunities. A part-time physician relations manager also has limited availability to productively market, manage the physician liaison program, and can be expensive.

An employee wants to work in an environment they feel is a secure career choice and allow them to expand their potential. Full-time provides that needed support to better ensure they are here to stay!

3. Career Growth

Encourage your employees by creating incentives and career growth.

Develop careers that have excellent pay and no caps. Provide your physician liaisons with the landscape to continuously grow their career.

Not only financial with work incentives but also as a thought leader in their field.


physician liaison marketing network pipeline


4. Physician’s Time

The more time with the physician, the better the physician liaison. A physician liaison is an extension of the practice, and it’s doctors, so it’s crucial they have close communication with the physicians.

As a physician liaison, you want to feel like an invaluable asset and when the physicians themselves invest the quality time it shows that your physician liaisons are essential.

The healthcare industry is a fascinating industry and extra time with the doctors will enhance their experience. Allowing physician liaisons to interact and learn more about the physician shows them a different viewpoint and further educates them to succeed better.

Committing to scheduling time between the physician liaisons and physicians is not only a factor in increasing the physician liaisons’ performance but growing their network.

The healthcare marketing and sales industry are heavily based on experience and network. If you are creating a physician liaison program, you want to provide opportunity, experience, and a valuable network of physicians.

Develop a reputation for professionalism but also an invaluable network of highly skilled physicians. Working with your healthcare system will mean that your physician liaisons have access to high demand level of physicians and healthcare professionals.

5. Access to Resources 

Make it easy! Provide your physician liaison with all the tools and resources available to better track, report, and stay organized.

The excitement of the position is about challenging yourself and applying marketing strategy to grow the physician outreach relations, not the tedious busy work.

By providing up-to-date tools and resources for your physician liaisons, you will not only streamline office work but also allow more time for them to focus on the marketing.

After all, you don’t want to cut corners in your program and create additional work that doesn’t involve your physician liaisons meeting with physicians and growing relationships.

Let your physician liaisons focus on the exciting part of marketing to physicians and not be consumed with busy work. 

Most importantly create a work environment that offers support, career growth, resources, and opportunity. It’s not enough to just look for charisma in physician liaison applicants it’s vital you craft a work environment that inspires creativity, employee retention, and career opportunity.



Kelley Knott is an expert Physician Liaison Trainer and consultant. Her passion is the help liaisons and practices maximize their effectiveness to improve patient care and revenue new revenue streams for their practice or hospital system. She is one of the first people in the US to develop online courses specifically geared toward physician liaison marketing. She is a published author, entrepreneur, and speaker.

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