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Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Take Control of Your Physician Referral Relationships “Delivering the highest level of professionalism should be your biggest differentiator.” -Kelley Knott It’s clear that implementing a physician liaison marketing program for your medical practice and hospital...

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Physician Liaison

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Physician Liaison

Finding the Right Physician Liaison for Your Job “Recruiting the perfect physician liaison is not about finding the most experienced applicant; but evaluating all the unique levels in the overall hiring process, how they work together, and investing the time to ensure...

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Pulling the Curtain Back On Healthcare #117

In today’s episode, co-hosts Kelley & Justin Knott are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Josh Luke,  the host of Spend Less On Healthcare.  He is  known for being America’s healthcare affordability authority as an “edutainer” and keynote speaker. Check out the...

Future of Local SEO #115

Justin Knott is joined by special guest the host from Marketing Over Coffee, John Wall. In this episode, they discuss marketing, tech, search, analytics, and strategies on how to build traffic to your website via local SEO. Check out the show notes below and download...

LinkedIn Marketing for Doctors #114

Host Kelley Knott and her Co-Host Justin Knott discuss the unique advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn marketing. From the benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for physicians, how to manage your LinkedIn as a healthcare professional, how to network with other physicians...

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