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Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Take Control of Your Physician Referral Relationships “Delivering the highest level of professionalism should be your biggest differentiator.” -Kelley Knott It’s clear that implementing a physician liaison marketing program for your medical practice and hospital...

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Physician Liaison

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Physician Liaison

Finding the Right Physician Liaison for Your Job “Recruiting the perfect physician liaison is not about finding the most experienced applicant; but evaluating all the unique levels in the overall hiring process, how they work together, and investing the time to ensure...

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Invest In Yourself #113

In today’s episode, host Kelley Knott is going to discuss the importance of investing in yourself as a Physician Liaison to not only grow your career but get paid the big bucks! If you want to grow in a fulfilling career as a Physician Liaison and avoid burnout, this...

How to Track Marketing Campaigns #112

In today’s episode, Kelley and her co-host/marketing genius Justin Knott. Today’s episode is all about tracking our marketing campaign: how to track your marketing campaigns, what are the best tools, and how do you get a leg up on your competition. Check out the show...

Top Local SEO Strategies #111

In today’s episode, Kelley Knott is joined by her husband, Justin Knott, the marketing genius behind their award-winning healthcare marketing agency. Today they are going to be talking all about top local SEO strategies. Check out the show notes below and download the...

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