In today’s episode, Kelley Knott is joined by her husband, Justin Knott, the marketing genius behind their award-winning healthcare marketing agency. Today they are going to be talking all about top local SEO strategies.

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How important is localized SEO for physicians and practices?

Local SEO is super critical because of the space we’re in.The bulk majority of patients will only travel 30-45 minutes to visit your practice, so you really want to hyper focus on the 20-30 mile radius around your hospital or practice and winning those search battles, than trying to rank for regional or national search battles. This is very critical and the most important part of your SEO strategy.

Website Structure

What are the most important pages?

Your home page is very critical, especially depending on which market you’re in. You want to have a city specific identifier in your lead title tag on your Homepage as well as title tags on your homepage. 

You also want to have pages on your website for everything that you want to rank for, and make sure you cover those topics thoroughly.

To learn more about On Page SEO, check out this video.

Should you create city specific pages?

Yes, having city specific pages is very important, especially if your practice has multiple locations. Don’t just put them on your contact page and list them. If you want to rank for those sub cities that you’re in, you want to make sure you have a page for each specific city with their own Google My Business Map and those city specific identifiers in your title tags. The more robust you make these pages – the better they will perform.

Besides your website, what else should you be doing?

You really need to focus on your Google My Business listing and your external listings.

Google My Business

How do Google My Business Rankings work?

Google My Business Rankings are the set of map listings that are at the top of Google Search that has the map and the local 3 pack. If you click on one of those listings it has all of the business information like the website, phone number, pictures, etc. Google gives you full control to build it out, claim it, and optimize it. This is the most important localized search component off of your website that you not only need to be aware of, but have it claimed, optimized and generating new reviews.

What are the most important ranking factors?

  • Proximity – The location of where your search user is searching and where you are located. There isn’t much you can do about this, but make sure you have your Google My Business claimed and active.
  • Website relevancy – Why you want to have individual pages on your website. Generally, if you were to do a search for “hip replacement near me”, in the Google knowledge graph search results are going to include 2 pretty interesting things. 
    • You’ll see the people in the 3 pack because their website mentions “hip replacement”. You get this by having service-line level pages about “hip replacement” and covering all those topics.
    • There will be a snippet of somebody’s review mentioning “hip replacement”. So it’s really important to get those reviews from patients, especially contextually with your focus keywords.

How do you improve rankings?

  • Website – The most important contributing factor to your Google My Business is making sure you are covering those topics that you want your Google My Business to rank really well for. Have your city specific as well as your major keywords inside of your Google My Business description. 
  • Listings – Update your external listings – both local-level listings plus the provider specific and practice specific  listings like Health Grades, your Vital, WebMD directory, Yelp, and Facebook. 
  • Reviews – You need to be generating new reviews. It’s almost guaranteed now that all patients are looking at reviews online, either from the practice or the physician level, before they enter your practice. Physicians are afraid of patient reviews nowadays, but this is something you need to focus on.

Can you do anything with local organizations to improve rankings?

    •  Local Backlinks – A backlink is one quality website linking back to your website. Not link farming or spam, has to be quality. Backlinks from local organizations is one of the most critical and easiest ways to rank better in your city.
    •  Chamber of Commerce – The easiest way to get a localized backlink is to join your local chamber. It has a local directory that has a high domain authority, well-established organization giving you a do follow backlink 99% of the time.
    • Sponsoring local events and organizations – This is a really easy one that a lot of people forget about. Giving back is a win all the way around. When you sponsor something, most of the time they’re going to give you recognition on their website or their event page and link back to your website as a supporting sponsor. 
    • Contributing as a guest on a local website like online newspapers – Essentially local websites that allow content, like The Atlanta Business Chronicle. You can go on these websites and write Op Ed pieces or Health related articles, or you can add to their events calendar that you can put open houses or events on that will link back to your website. This will help you gain visibility and prove yourself as a thought leader in your space, get more content out there, and more importantly get a real quality, localized backlink. 

If you’re looking for a great free resource that can help you skyrocket your rankings, check out this Local SEO Guide to Skyrocket  your Google Business rankings.

Why and what part is the best way to get you a review? 

You can try asking the patient for a review during the checkout process or you can automate the review request process.You can hook into your EMR that already has your DHI and contact information your patients, which makes this one less thing to add to your workflow and one less thing for your checkout people to worry about.

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