Building a Strong Foundation Amplify Your Physician Liaison Marketing Program

Sure, the thought of building or rebuilding your physician liaison marketing program may feel like a daunting task, or a “year long process” before gaining some traction. While others may succumb to the overwhelm syndrome, “get around to it later” fever, and failure by not following through. You know that building the a strong foundation that will give you an incredible and steadfast groundwork to expand your practice.

Tools for liaison marketing

Kelley’s Must Haves Routing & Tracking


This single tool has saved me literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars per year on tracking and reporting. As well as helped me route my territories and leave notes in real time for convenient monthly reporting.

Kelley’s Must Haves HIPAA Certifications

HIPAA Training is the leading HIPAA training and compliance website. While not required I think it’s a great idea to get your HIPAA certification as a liaison as it adds an extra layer of protection for yourself and the practice in case you run into any PHI during the course of your work.

Kelley’s Must Haves healthcare marketing

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Physician Liaison Marketing is, while one of the most important marketing components of your practice, one of several marketing strategies that need to be implements. Your website, SEO, digital advertising and branding are all critical components that should not be ignore. 

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