In today’s episode, co-hosts Kelley & Justin Knott are joined by a very special guest, Dr. Josh Luke,  the host of Spend Less On Healthcare.  He is  known for being America’s healthcare affordability authority as an “edutainer” and keynote speaker.

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How did you get into the role of being a thought leader of creating affordable healthcare for individuals and families?

My journey has been non-traditional. My two older brothers were professional athletes so I had always dreamed of being a professional athlete. I realized being a professional athlete might not workout in high school, so I had set my sights on Sports Marketing as my back-up plan. I was blessed with being able to work for the 4 largest professional sporting organizations in the country just a year after Grad school.

3 major things happened in 1998:

  1. I got married – I’ve been with my wife for 20 years now.
  2. My brother made it to the Major Leagues.
  3. My career exploded and I was representing one of the most famous athletes in the world – Mark Mcguire. 

After about 6 months, even though my career exploded in a good way, I realized I had not found the fulfillment in Sports Marketing like I thought I would. One of my students approached me after hearing me talk about wanting a career change and mentioned that they’ve heard me talk about my frustration with my grandmother’s care, and said that they have an opening at the nursing home where they have an opening for a Director of Marketing & Admissions that I would be great for.

I got the job and had them put me in an Administrator In Training Program so they could teach me how to be a healthcare leader. I finished it within a year and two years later I became one of the youngest hospital CEOs in southern California.

What stood out to you most with your work with these hospitals?

It’s gotten to the point that basic healthcare is not available at a reasonable price.


How can I get the 10 tips to spend less on healthcare?

It’s super simple. Just text the word Josh to 72000 and you’ll get the turnkey simple tips that will help you start saving on healthcare.


What is one important tip you can give to a small business owner or a family to help them save? – This is a transparency tool you can use and you type in your zip code and address and the prescription you need will give you the price of the different pharmacies in your area along with home delivery services.


What do you think is the #1 reason that healthcare is where it is today?

In this day in age, our elected officials are not lobbying for price reduction and price transparency in healthcare because they need the donations from the big 3 lobbies.


What do you think is the #1 reason that healthcare is where it is today?

In this day in age, our elected officials are not lobbying for price reduction and price transparency in healthcare because they need the donations from the big 3 lobbies.

Millenials think Gen Xers are crazy when it comes to healthcare and they might be right.

So many of us are so hesitant to try out telehealth but it saves you half a day of productivity and income. If you go to a doctor or a telehealth doctor, they’re both trying to get you to not go to a hospital or to not get you to get labs or care that you do not need.

Why have you been titles as a “whistle blower” for hospitals and can you explain more about the healthcare organizations inside hospitals?

I was a CEO for hospitals and in two of them I noticed things that I was uncomfortable with so I reported them to the government. When you do that it stays under seal until the government is done and the case is settled with each of those organizations. My goal is to be America’s healthcare affordability authority.


What are some tips that you’ve found that have been helpful to you over the years?

LinkedIn has been good to me but you need to look at your followers as subscribers. When you focus on getting quality followers or subscribers that may have an interest in what you’re offering.

Ways to get quality followers

Create quality content and share it on a consistent basis.

Meaningfully engage with other people and comment

Search for hashtags for news resources


Dr. Josh Luke Bio

Dr. Josh Luke appears on episode 117 of Patient Convert Podcast - Pulling Back the Curtain on Healthcare

If you are not already one of Futurist Dr. Luke’s 100,000+ social media followers or podcast listeners, this ‘Edutaining” and humorous storyteller who generously includes 250 free books with each keynote, should be on your radar.

Dr. Luke became a hospital CEO at age 32 and served in that role for ten years. However when his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2010, he became frustrated with the lack of pricing transparency in healthcare and left the C-suite to begin teaching at the University of Southern California. He authored four books on how to prepare for and save thousands annually on overpriced healthcare, three of which became Amazon #1 Best Sellers.

Dr. Luke shares engaging stories including how he became a whistleblower against two of the hospitals companies he worked for by turning them into the Federal government for potential fraud, and how his mother’s disease process and becoming a care giver for her during her final years of life brought his frustration over the healthcare delivery system to a boiling point.

This rare combination of becoming a whistleblower and working in an industry that refused to share prices with consumers inspired him to pull back the curtain on the healthcare industry and encourage managers and executives in all industries to question their motives in key corporate decisions – and Do the Right Thing!

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