Practice Admins: The Unseen Hero’s Ep 145

May 5, 2021 | Podcast Episodes

People might not know who they are, but administrative professionals are the heroes behind keeping the practice intact and ensuring that they stay afloat and maintain their day-to-day operations.

Our guests for today are Brenda Messick and Marcus Bullock. They are expert Medical Practice Administrators, and together they combine over 40 years of experience.

In this episode, we talk about their backgrounds and work as Practice Admins. They share tips, strategies, and advice that blossomed from their experiences throughout their career. Indeed, they are unseen heroes that hold essential roles in their practice’s success.

[00:01 – 01:03] Opening Segment

  • Our guests, Brenda Messick and Marcus Bullock introduces themselves

[01:04 – 17:50] Medical Practice Admins

  • Brenda and Marcus talk about their backgrounds and how they found themselves working as Medical Practice Administrators
  • They talk about their roles as Practice Administrators
  • Advice from one admin to another – Brenda and Marcus shares tips from their 40+ years of combined experience

[17:51 – 24:23] Education and Networking

  • We discuss why there is a need for continued education and expanding your network

[24:24 – 30:11] Connecting People and Bringing Value

  • Brenda and Marcus talk about how they identify people, clients, and other physicians that could bring value to their physicians.

[30:12 – 34:46] Medical Group Management Association

[34:47 – 38:50] The Spring Conference

  • We talk about the most anticipated conference for physicians, liaisons, and practice administrators.
    • Where, when, and how you can join!

[38:51 – 49:10] Marketing

  • Marketing the Practice – how to become more effective

[49:11 – 01:04:23] Question & Answer

  • We exchange questions about our personal lives, work, and other topics
  • Marketing health plans
  • What is a Physician Liaison?

[01:04:24 – 01:07:30] Closing Segment

  • Final thoughts
  • Connect with Brenda and Marcus. Links available below.

Tweetable Quotes:

“The administrator will succeed if they have the support of the physicians.” – Brenda Messick

Brenda Messick Bio:


Brenda is a business management specialist whose passion is to ensure the highest quality of service or care by applying effective business principles, motivating and developing high performing teams, and practicing the highest level of responsible financial stewardship and leadership.  In her personal time, Brenda enjoys spending lake and mountain time with her family, renovating and decorating homes, photography, and volunteering with community and professional organizations.

Marcus Bullock, CPC Bio:

Marcus Bullock Profile Pic

Marcus has been managing people and processes for over 30 years with the last 17 years in Medical Practice Management. His strengths are in Operations and Financial Management, creating successful collaborative cultures, and effectively communicating to all levels of an organization. His passion is helping others grow and succeed professionally and personally as a result of their work experience.

Get in touch with Brenda:

Get in touch with Marcus:

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