In today’s episode, Special guest Dr. John Cory, Foot & ankle specialist and owner of the Arizona Institute of Motion , joins Kelley and Justin Knott to discuss physicians and orthopedic marketing, what you need to be successful in your medical practice in the new digital era.

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How do you not only stand out against the competition but reach new patients and get them back through the door? 

You have to be authentic and do what you love. Find your why and go with it. Dr. Cory’s why is movement and mentorship and he uses those ideals and makes it the center of his practice which keeps his patients coming back time and time again.


The best avenues for authenticity in your office 

You have to be authentic and let people know what that is. Don’t sell out in your branding. It’s important to have a marketing team that helps show who you are and bring that to light. You need to show who you are. Share your story, share your brand, and protect your reputation.


The evolution of patient research: online

Patients are more tech-savvy than they have ever been when it comes to online research, it’s important to remember that in the new digital era.


How do you help your patients avoid surgical procedures? 

People are very active in our area. Dr. Cory suggests to get to know the athlete in front of you and educate them. Teaching people what is referred to as natural movement often times will uncover overuse and misuse problems. Movement is medicine and exercise is the prescription!


Is it important to use education materials in your orthopedic marketing efforts to help people avoid injuries?

Absolutely! We’ve spent a lot of time bringing ideas for content videos to help patients find out how they can go through injuries without big surgeries. Sometimes surgery is inevitable, but educating patients on their options is important.


What are the benefits of seeing patients at your office versus going to a hospital?

The biggest and best part is that you get to see people on their own terms. Dr. Cory wants people to think of him as a community physician. Being a trusted member of his community and having people show up at this office or giving him a call on the phone when they receive an injury over going to a hospital means that he is doing something right.


How do you build relationships offline to get yourself known in the community? 

When you think about the art of medicine and remember that at the end of the day you are an artisan and artisans work for the people it. If you engage yourself with your integrity and be your authentic self. Find something in your community that you would want to be a part of and go do it!


Final Thoughts 

Physicians thinking about going out in the community should reach out to other physicians they would be amazed at the collegiality from other physicians in their local area. There is a huge opportunity for physicians to connect face to face and build relationships.


Dr. John Cory Bio 

Dr john cory orthopedic

Dr. John Cory is a fellowship trained foot and ankle specialist who is board certified. After completing his medical degree at Wake Forest University Bowman Gray Medical School, he went on to complete residency in orthopedics at the University of South Carolina. Following residency, Dr. Cory completed the prestigious foot and ankle fellowship at American Sports Medical Institute in Birmingham Alabama in 2004, further sub specializing in sports injuries of the foot and ankle.Dr. Cory is now the Founder and Leading physician at the Arizona Institute of Motion.


How to get in touch with Dr. Cory






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