Special guest Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, Plastic Surgeon from San Fransisco Bay, joins Kelley to discuss all things Social Media when it comes to medical practices. From Social Media strategies, price transparency in your healthcare practice, and who should handle your Social Media Marketing. Listen on to find the tips from the Social Media Healthcare Marketing Pros!

In today’s healthcare marketing podcast episode, we’re joined by a very special guest Dr. Jonathan Kaplan.  

Dr. Kaplan is a plastic surgeon who owns his own practice at Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery in San Francisco Bay.

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Price Transparency is Changing the Game 

Dr. Kaplan says it best: Nobody wants to talk about the prices. Sure, they can find out a US average or something. But that’s not really actionable as far as how much that doctor chooses. So they got the pricing information that we get a lead out of. That was the beginning of really separating us from the competition and helping us build such a huge database that we have now for our marketing.

There’s price transparency in health care.  The consumer was able to go to my website and check my prices, but only after they put in their contact information. So they get an automated estimate for whatever procedure they were considering, but only after they put in the contact information.

This right here is changing the game of healthcare as we know it!

Turning transparency into marketing 

Dr. Kaplan takes his price calculator and turns it into an email marketing funnel as he has his potential patients enter their email address before a price is given. Make it the ultimate lead machine! 

To take it one step further, giving that you can purchase items from his website he has an abandoned cart email feature that alerts people when they have items still in their cart after a certain period of time!  

The studies have been done and the results are in!  

In a case study that I did, Price Transparency in an Online Age, we found that over the course of a year, of all the people that submitted a wish list to check pricing with us, 17.8% of them came in for a consultation. And then of that seventeen point eight percent, 62% of them booked the procedure. And then what we did is we compared the people that came in that were price-aware and book to surgery versus people that came in that were not price-aware and book an operation. So if we if you look at that, people, you know, they all book. But, you know, if they came in price-aware, vs not  price-aware you found that price or where patients were 42 percent more likely to book a procedure!


Who should do Social Media for your practice? 

Dr. Kaplan and I both agree that it is better for medical practices to have someone on your staff to handle your social media. It is best to have someone on the ground floor that knows the scope of your practice and can easily give your social profiles your voice. 

Social media can easily become a full-time job, so having a team member help you manage it is the best way to go! 

Advice for Physicians wanting to get started with Social Media for their practice 

Your viewers want to know that you are a real person. All you have to do is START!!! 

if you look at our social media, you might think, oh, I can’t do all those things enough. But that’s kind of the point is you don’t need to do everything right off the bat.  just start by walking to work or walking in from your car, from the garage to the office and just talk about like  what operation or what procedures or what injectables  you are doing that day.

Just talk about what you’re doing. It’s something as simple as that. It doesn’t have to be some like, you know, grandiose thing that you’re that you’ve been planning and no scripting out or anything like that.  Just start! When you begin talking into the camera, letting people know what you are doing it builds trust and longevity into your brand.

Our highest source of referrals comes from social media.

Dr. Kaplan’s talking about how to really create value from Social Media in his medical practice.

Jonathan Kaplan MD Bio 

Dr. Kaplan - Patient Convert Podcast

I am Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a board certified plastic surgeon originally from Alexandria, LA and am now proud to call San Francisco home. After completing my plastic surgery fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic where he was trained by the same team that performed the first US face transplant, I practiced in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for six years.

Most physicians enter their profession with large amounts of personal debt. Beyond that – they begin working with little to no knowledge of how to actually run a practice. 

As a physician, I think you should be able to help your patients and do what you love without being stressed by all the other obligations that come with managing your medical practice.

That’s why I started “The Scope of Practice.” My goal is to help you gain the knowledge you need to run your business successfully and manage your personal finances with expertise.


Get in Touch with Dr. Kaplan

Website: https://realdrbae.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PacificHeightsPlasticSurgery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/realdrbae/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/realdrbae

Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/realdrbae

Price Calculator: https://buildmybod.com

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