Being Real on LinkedIn w/ Shay Rowbottom #121

May 13, 2020 | Podcast Episodes

In today’s episode, we are joined by LinkedIn marketing expert Shay Rowbottom. Kelley and Shay unpack the secrets to growing a successful LinkedIn profile, increase visibility, content creation strategies and why it’s so important to get personal in business. Enjoy!

How did you get started with LinkedIn?

It kind of started by accident. I essentially got a job offer to edit video content for a really large page on Facebook at the time that that needed content and I had just got into video editing, I knew nothing about digital marketing, I was the kind of a starving artist trying to make it as a musician at the time and could hardly promote myself.

I had actually gotten on LinkedIn in an attempt to get leads for my Facebook agency. But when I got on LinkedIn, my world changed because I realized so quickly, that if I just applied all the principles that I had been teaching my editors for years and building my company around how to make something go viral, how to make a viral video pop for the newsfeed, if I just take all of that, go to LinkedIn and apply it to my personal brand. I had a massive advantage and I started growing very quickly. I started getting all this attention, getting all these messages like, how are you doing this video content, and I realized I had my own company and there was a completely untapped market on LinkedIn.

Now, I have over 200,000 engaged followers who follow my content.

What Advantages Does LinkedIn have over other Social Media Platforms for Business?

When I go to business conferences, everyone’s talking about their Facebook ads or Instagram. I always ask, “Do you guys go on LinkedIn? And they’re like, Oh, I have a profile.”

LinkedIn is the business conference of social media. So every single person that logs into LinkedIn, they’re logging in to do business, they’re logging in, in a business mindset, looking for vendors, looking for partners, looking for employees, looking for someone that’s going to solve their problem. 

If you can take advantage of the organic reach that the platform is already giving right now, you’re not only able to grow much quicker than a lot of other platforms, but you’re getting in front of people who are in a receptive business mindset to be able to listen to the solution you provide and, make a decision to buy.

Top tactics that people can apply on a daily basis to really explode LinkedIn

Consistency is number one.

If you can figure out a way to make a consistent stream of content that’s going to support all of these other strategies I’m going to break down.

Build up your network.

You need to actively be connecting with people every day.

Connect with your key decision-makers in major cities who have at least 500 plus connections, professional-looking profile, and some activity going on their page.

Find people to comment on your posts.

In the beginning, I asked all my employees. I had an office of 30 people, I asked everyone, go comment on my video, please.

Had I not done that in the beginning, when I was a dead profile, and no one knew who I was. It could have taken me six to eight months to break out into the feed organically.

Focus on creating valuable content.

Stay consistent and ensure that you have a constant stream of video content. You want to make sure that your setup, in the beginning, is as easy and sustainable as possible.

Should You Worry About People Stealing Your Content?

I think it comes down to mindset. I do not live in fear of people stealing my ideas or giving away too much value. I actually embrace it when I see other people who’ve taken my ideas, and this has certainly happened.

I believe the more marketers that I can get to be inspired by me and follow my model, the more they also validate me and share via word of mouth, which is still the most powerful testimonial referral, right? They are actually saying to people go follow Shay Rowbottom. And this is where I learned all of this. 

Making LinkedIn a Review Generator for Your Brand

Being personal and being vulnerable and admitting things on LinkedIn that most people wouldn’t even admit on more casual social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram drew more people to me, because everyone is hitting somewhat of a wall in this business world facade society we’ve created with it being really made up it’s really fake. 

I had one client who posted about her recovery from breast cancer, as she said, it’s to this day, one of the videos where she got the most leads. People do business with people and I always ask what brought you in the door?

Even though it’s not necessarily my marketing content that brings them in the door, my marketing content reminds them of who I am and what I’m good at. Where now when they see my personal content and essentially showing the human side of me. They make the decision off of that emotion.

Why is LinkedIn so Superior Right Now?

It is an investment in the long term.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to market healing to the world.

Yes, I started out in digital marketing as a very lost puppy. I was in a very dark, dark place in my life . I didn’t know myself. I didn’t love myself. I had no boundaries, no self-respect. I was depressed. I was physically sick. I had chronic asthma. I used multiple inhalers every day and put on steroids every quarter. I went through hell so that I could learn how to heal myself. And in the process, I also happened to build a digital marketing agency and collect all of this valuable knowledge about how to get attention and how to market your message on social media.

Now, I get to take all the principles that I learned on social media and apply them to what I’ve also learned about personal development and how to get past your childhood wounds to become the highest version of yourself. Merging the two worlds so that I can bring more and more healers to social media and teach all of these amazing lightworkers how they can have an impact online and share their message far and wide with the principles I teach in digital marketing.

Shay Rowbottom Bio

Shay Rowbottom

You know how executives and entrepreneurs struggle to generate revenue through LinkedIn and connect with their target market? Well, that’s where I come in.

I turn founders and executives into LinkedIn video creators that are generating massive revenue for their organization.

I help you use video to –
✅Get more of your target market to know about your brand
✅Get more of your target market to see you as an expert in your industry

When it comes to LinkedIn, I know you want to be renowned in your industry and to have your target market reaching out to work with you. In order to do that though, you need to make engaging, shareable, and high quality video content AND YOU DON’T KNOW HOW.

I understand, first hand, how daunting and overwhelming content creation on LinkedIn can be, which is why I’m proud to say I’ve helped dozens of individuals and organizations just like you generate millions of dollars and grow their reach online. 💲💪

You deserve to be heard by millions, seen as the expert you are, and to have clients reaching out to work with you.

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