Host Kelley Knott and her Co-Host Justin Knott discuss the unique advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn marketing. From the benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for physicians, how to manage your LinkedIn as a healthcare professional, how to network with other physicians on LinkedIn, and ways to grow your profile as a thought leader.

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What are the benefits of social media?

Social media is a huge traffic driver to websites, it’s a huge way to become a thought leader, and a great way to express your approach to care and talk about your physicians.

Patients are looking to lead happier and healthier lives, so now more than ever, they’re taking their health into their own hands and taking to social media to get the control back. They are digesting a lot of information because they want to become more informed. This offers a unique opportunity for physicians to provide that information, create value, become a thought leader, and help your patients become happier and healthier through the process.

“People are sharing information, they’re looking for information and social is the perfect way to engage and provide value with your patients.”

What are some of the benefits Physicians will have on LinkedIn?

  • It is a great way to attract new patients and leads
  • A great way to target your local audience
  • A great way to connect with other healthcare professionals and physicians
  • Become a thought leader
  • It helps improve the hiring process

Why should you use LinkedIn to connect with other physicians and other healthcare professionals?

LinkedIn is an online networking community. Connecting with local physicians and colleagues is so important to scaling and growing your practice. There are a lot of medical physicians on LinkedIn and they are looking for these connections. It’s a great way to kind of open conversations, connect, engage, and network.

“We’re growing business, increasing revenue, and scaling – just using LinkedIn.”

Why we love LinkedIn?

It’s a networking platform for business professionals. The posts and the content tend to be more professional than what you would see on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It gets straight to the point for networking professionals so you can avoid personal distractions like baby photos, pet photos, and politics for the most part. 

It can help you attract new leads and patients because you are sharing content unique to you, your brand, your practice, and your approach to patient care. You are getting in front of these business professionals that can see it and follow it and grow your visibility. 

You can target local audience. LinkedIn has such amazing filters you can use to be strategic about your post and your advertising, 

Utilize Team Support and Employee Participation

Have members of your team become really active and connect on LinkedIn. You can become really unified in this approach because they can connect, and share your material and content on LinkedIn.

The more opportunity that you have there to reach a much broader audience by getting employee-level participation. 

Set up a program so everyone understands what the overarching goal is, why they should participate, how they can get engaged and participate, have the organization properly added to their employment area on their page to increase the likelihood of getting followers on your company page.

Top steps to get started

  • Consistency is key – It begins with a plan to be consistent with posting, engaging, and connecting on LinkedIn to scale and grow.
  • Optimizing your profile for success – Make sure your profile is clear. It’s important to build out your profile by showing your background, experience, show some of your personality, and customize your background photo and your professional headshot.
  • Refine the way you would want others to search for you. 

More more steps and tips check out LinkedIn Tips for Physicians

Why are comments important?

Comments increase visibility and engagement. LinkedIn wants a conversation. When people comment on your post, you immediately rank higher and get more visibility on your post. They reward those with valuable content when engagement happens, even if people don’t follow you, your post is going to come up in their feed.

How should you use hashtags?

Hashtags are search tools so people use hashtags to find certain content. Keep it simple, try to find ones with big following and a big audience, and then get creative to get in front of potential clients. We go more in depth and elaborate even further on hashtags in this video:

If nothing else, remember to give more than you get. Give back, support one another, help one another, and engage.

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