In today’s episode, host Kelley Knott is going to discuss the importance of investing in yourself as a Physician Liaison to not only grow your career but get paid the big bucks! If you want to grow in a fulfilling career as a Physician Liaison and avoid burnout, this is the episode for YOU!

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Being an invaluable asset as a Physician Liaison

To become an invaluable asset for the practice and physicians you represent. You want to be a leader of a program and guide these initiatives and help boost success. How do you become an individual asset? Someone that is just the whole program that your physicians are just 100% supportive and behind you, and also get paid for it.

Taking the time to invest in your role as a Physician Liaison will make you a lot happier, it is a lot more rewarding, it’s a lot more fun and challenging, and it makes teamwork and communication a lot easier, and more and more support from your physicians – which means more time and more support from the world that you are looking to be a part of.


The Physician Liaison Burnout

There are times where you’re going to get frustrated, you’re going to get tired, or feel like, “I just don’t know if this is working”. You may even feel like you’re all alone on this island by yourself out in the field where everything starts to feel repetitive, and you don’t know what to say next. I know these are things you don’t want to happen, but I’ve been there, and I’ve felt them too. You don’t want to get bored or burned out with the late-night hours, or feeling like a delivery person and have yourself wondering if you made the right choice. You want to invest in a career that you love and can grow in. Is this career right for you?

You are not alone dealing with gatekeepers or with your own physicians – we all feel this way sometimes, but you need to know that what you are doing matters!


How do you invest in your role as a Physician Liaison and yourself?


Take Back Control

The first thing I did to invest in myself was to take back control. I Invested in the value of information that I had. I challenged myself to dive even further into the clinical side – shadowing clinics, surgeries, and spending time with my physicians. I was getting to understand my physicians, I saw the clinical side, and I was getting to know the patients. On top of all of this, I did a lot of reading online and with medical books to get a better understanding of what matters most.


When I started as a Physician Liaison, there wasn’t enough information or support. You really need to invest in a curriculum or a training program that enhances your experience as a Physician Liaison. When you finish a course like Physician Liaison University – you enhance your resume, you have a resource and a library of information that you can rely on in the field, and your employers are showing you that they are investing in you. When you invest in training, you can lose some of that discomfort of being micro-managed because you can be in the field with ease – you know what you’re doing, and you know what to say, and you feel confident as a certified trained professional.


How do you increase the pay?

The best way to increase your pay as a Physician Liaison is by investing time in enhancing and expanding your network. When you know other physicians in the area, you can work for more than one organization, provider, or healthcare professional. You can be the go-to or the personal resource for connecting physicians in the area with other physicians.

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by Kelley Knott
Kelley Knott is an expert Physician Liaison Trainer and consultant. Her passion is the help liaisons and practices maximize their effectiveness to improve patient care and revenue new revenue streams for their practice or hospital system. She is one of the first people in the US to develop online courses specifically geared toward physician liaison marketing. She is a published author, entrepreneur, and speaker.


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