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Are you looking To Take Your Physician Liaison Marketing to the next level?

Have Kelley Speak or Train Your Liaisons In Person

“Kelley is a master. Great course, expertly delivered and well worth the investment.”

-Lauren C. Physician Liaison

In-Person Physician Liaison Training

Dedicated one on one private consulting calls and training with expert Kelley Knott, to help you tackle challenges unique to your program and scale.

Hire Kelley to train and work with your team in your territory, visit your referring physicians, train with ride alongs, guide your liaisons, and help you organize your program in person.

This is the Mac Daddy of physician liaison training specifically created for your program in your location.

Stack this 1-2 months after putting your liaisons through Physician Liaison University™ to get even more out of the in-person training.

What Is Included In The Physician LiaisonTraining…

Meet With Team

Kelley Knott comes to your practice and spends 5 to 7 days to meet with your physicians, physician liaisons, to train and implement your physician liaison marketing program. 

Ride Along with Your Physician Liaisons

Kelley Knott rides with your liaisons during referring physician provider visits to help show them successful communication, tactics, and strategies. Kelley Knott also will watch the physician liaisons to help provide helpful feedback and boost confindence. 

Develop Marketing Plan

Kelley Knott will evaluate the current program and provide a strategic physician liaison marketing plan for your program.  The Kelley Knott perform a practice audit, identify targets, weak areas, and define benchmarks and goals. 

Have Kelley Speak at Your Next Event

I speak to medical professionals and marketers from around the United States on a wide range or topics including:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Healthcare Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Physician Liaison Strategy
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy

I also help hospitals and medical practices learn effective healthcare marketing strategies to reach new patients.

“Kelley Knott exceeded my expectations. Kelley is not only an expert in the field of physician liaison marketing but delivers more than expected. The presentation included in depth marketing strategies, branding, follow up with a focus on results. I especially appreciated the opportunity to ask specific questions at the completion of the presentation. Kelley not only provided informative responses but also followed up with detailed scripts and notes. I look forward to collaborating with Kelley to continue building a team approach to patient care.”

Judith Zackson MD

Clinical Psychologist

Hire My agency, Intrepy Healthcare Marketing 

“So awesome. I brought in 200 more patients than the previous rep, and I utilized your advice quite a bit. It works, and the patient increase shows it! Thank you, Kelley Knott!”

-Kaylee C. Physician Liaison

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