In today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Ernesto to talk about Why Doctors should leverage the medium of podcasting, how to get started and why physician entrepreneurship is the answer to the current healthcare crisis.

Why Is Physician Entrepreneurship the Answer to the Crisis in Healthcare?

If we can empower more doctors to become entrepreneurs and in really being in control of their business, we will be able to regain the business of health care for the benefit of both doctors and patients. And when I say doctors, really, I’m talking about the entirety of the medical professionals.

Right now we’re being commodities and nobody really is benefiting from this. Patients are not. And the doctors certainly are not. So that’s why I’m so passionate about educating and equipping my colleagues with the skills necessary to run their own business and be able to serve their patients better.

Why Do you Think Podcasting is so Important for Doctors?

My colleagues complain about Dr. Google and how people come up with their diagnosis and people come up with their own ideas and they’re following somebody else online that told them to do a juice cleanse or what not.

I tell sometimes some of my clients is it’s our fault as physicians. And the reason I say it’s our fault that patients are doing that is because as physicians, we have stayed back and we have not participated in this activity.

This activity of creating content and putting out information, valuable information out there regarding health for patients to consume, because if all the information that was out there was from qualified physicians it would make a world of different.

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of doctors do put out good content. But the overwhelming majority of doctors are not putting this content out there. So they’re not educating potential patients. They’re not educating people on this. And so people are getting their information from the YouTube.

Podcasting has been around for a long time, but technologically, it hasn’t been as accessible as it has been for the last 18 months.

Unlike creating visual content for social media, We don’t need to do our hair. We don’t need fancy lights. We don’t need anything other than what are our cell phones already have to podcast. Sure, you can get a nicer microphone and that’s going to set you back, let’s say, fifty dollars. One hundred dollars of equipment if you want to go to really, really fancy. But that’s really all you need. You can record in a hotel room. You can record at home, you can record at your office. You can record pretty much like literally anywhere.

How do you come up with a topic and ideas for a Podcast?

Anyone who’s been in practice for more than a couple of years has already more than enough material to be creating podcasts.

First, figure out who you want to “talk” to. How is your end audience? Patients? Colleagues?

Once you have that start with common FAQs that your end audience is asking.

If you don’t have much time with patients to ask questions then talk to your staff they do. They will help come up with ample amounts of topics.

How do you find guests for your podcast?

There is no easy your way to market your podcast then to have somebody else market it for you.

Reach out to guests any way you can that works for them. Email, social media, phone, etc.

Figure out something about your guest and make your outreach personal.

How long does it take to have success with a podcast?

Most podcasts never make it past 8 episodes.

Make it a goal to get to 10 episodes starting out before you shoot for the moon.

It really depends on how you define success with your podcast.

How should you market your podcast?

Marketing a podcast is just like marketing a blog or Youtube channel. 

It all comes down to SEO.

Add a summary and a description to your podcast so that people are finding it one way or another.

Make sure to mention your episode’s focus keywords through the episode.

And take advantage of creating super rich show notes.

Podcast hosting platforms are offering show notes, pages. So they will have a show notes page for your for your episode.

I strongly encourage people to not use those ones because they’re being very limited, just like resorting to the default description that you can have just posting it on your Web site.

What are the hurdles you can run into starting a podcast?

#1 don’t get overwhelmed. The most important thing is to take the first step. And if your first four episodes nobody listens to, that’s fine.

If you put in put out six episodes and you hate doing it and it’s not your thing. You delete it and that’s it.

You’re already a brain surgeon. You’ve done the hard part. You can learn how to podcast.

And we’re standing by. If you need some help.

We’ll be happy to talk to you. I’ll be happy to talk to you if I have time on my schedule and answer a couple of questions to help you get started.

Just visit my website.

The big thing though is you got to get started. You are going to get better is just takes some time.

You can only learn how to swim by jumping in the pool.

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Dr. Ernesto Gutierrez Bio

dr Ernesto Gutierrez

Dr. E is a physician by training and an educator by choice. His educational background includes an MD degree with additional training in Age Management and in Regenerative Medicine. Besides his clinical practice, Dr E is an entrepreneur, healthcare business consultant, speaker, and podcast host. He believes that physician entrepreneurship is the answer to the crisis in healthcare and so his mission, through Practice Growth Formula is to equip doctors and other healthcare professionals with the skills and strategies they need to succeed as healthcare entrepreneurs.

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