Today we had the pleasure of speaking with the chief marketing officer of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Ken Chaplin. After building up his experience with different markets, different forms of marketing, and working for various companies, Ken moved to the healthcare industry marketing scene when he joined CTCA. Ken leads the CTCA marketing team and focuses on a marketing strategy centered around the patient journey and storytelling.

Let’s dive into Ken’s story of how CTCA leads the industry in patient-centric marketing.

Things you will learn in this episode:

[00:01 – 02:18] Opening Segment

  • We introduce our guest, Ken Chaplin
  • Ken talks about his journey and what led him to Cancer Treatment Center America
    • Over 25 years in marketing-related capacities
    • Worked at The Walt Disney Company for 11 years
      • Started at Burbank and was able to take on a few overseas assignments

[02:19 – 14:48] Transition to a Different Side of the Marketing World

  • What makes healthcare marketing different from other industries?
  • Ken talks about how their team works their way through the various departments in their organization while staying engaged with consumers and providers
  • Ken tells us about how they tailor their marketing strategies based on their consumers
    • Shares the core foundation of what CTCA was built on
    • The Mother Standard: Giving the care that you deserve
    • Getting patients involved
  • Ken shares how they at CTCA help patients understand the risks and how they’re keeping them safe amidst this COVID-19 pandemic
    • Partnering with the medical community
    • Online digital resources
    • Communication

[14:49 – 21:18] Switching Gears in CTCA’s Marketing

  • Ken talks about the measures they are taking to make their services easier to find and readily available online.
    • Focusing on the “paid search world.”
    • Video marketing
    • Direct communication with consumers
    • Building a data structure
  • Leveraging landing pages
    • Building a trust relationship

[21:19 – 29:54] Physician Relations

  • How CTCA is building their physician referral relationships in this COVID-19 situation
    • Working with the local community
    • In a network with the insurance providers
    • Continued communication with patients and physicians
    • How CTCA can be an outlet for communities that need help
    • Patient empowerment
  • Use of the Zoom App and other platforms to stay connected, spread information, and for constant communication
    • Featuring physicians
    • Providing education, resources, etc.

[29:55 – 40:31] Telehealth

  • Ken talks about his forecasts on the biggest changes the healthcare industry will face in the upcoming months
    • Adaptation of Telehealth
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
    • For the industry: continuing to reinvent myself and stay an innovative leading influencer in the market
    • To my team: be someone that can help develop my team
    • To the consumers: continue to provide information to reach consumers so that we can help them
  • Connect with Ken and Cancer Treatment Centers of American online!
    • See below for social links.


Ken Chaplin Bio:

Ken Chaplin, a global marketing executive, is Chief Marketing Officer at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA).

A U.S. citizen, Chaplin joined CTCA® as SVP of Growth in August 2017 from Rising Tide’s Schaffhausen, Switzerland, office where he served as SVP of Brand Management. While at Rising Tide, he worked with clients, including CTCA, to strengthen the influence and power of brands within the Rising Tide portfolio. Additionally, he provided strategic leadership that enhanced the value of Rising Tide’s organizational assets.

Prior to Rising Tide, Chaplin was part of the consumer financial services industry. He served as SVP and CMO for TransUnion and Experian, respectively, where he led brand development and the execution of multiple award-winning integrated marketing campaigns. An acknowledged leader in digital marketing, analytics and advanced attribution methodologies, Chaplin was recognized as one of Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs in 2014 and 2015.

Chaplin spent the majority of his 25-year career in marketing at The Walt Disney Company where he assumed increasing levels of global responsibility over his tenure. While at Disney, he lived and worked in four countries. In the U.S. he developed new brand extensions; in Japan he launched innovative partnerships; in Australia he improved organizational effectiveness; and in China he helped bring the Disney brand to millions of new consumers.

Chaplin is a graduate of The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Episode Links:

You can connect with Ken on LinkedIn or Twitter. Click here to visit Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s website to learn more about cancer treatments, research, and resources.

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