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Physician Liaison Training Program

Physician Liaison Training Program

3 Musts When Choosing A Physician Liaison Training Program Implementing a physician liaison program for your practice can be overwhelming and exciting. The key to building a successful physician liaison marketing program is providing a robust physician liaison...

“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

3 Simple Ways to Help You Get Past The “Gatekeepers” “The doctor is in clinic and can’t see you right now.” “I’m sorry they are at lunch (at 3pm…) but I can give that to them.” “We are really busy and the doctor (or office manager) can’t see you right now, but I’ll...

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Physician Liaison Marketing, Gaining the Competitive Edge Healthcare marketing is competitive world especially in this digital age and the struggle to keep your medical practice and services seen can be exhausting. But there is one area of healthcare marketing that...

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Reviews, Telehealth and Patient Marketing w/ Ted Chan of CareDash #120

In today's episode, we are joined by the CareDash CEO, Ted Chan. CareDash has become one of the leading provider directories for helping patients connect with local, quality providers. We are discussing the role of reviews on the patient decision-making process, what...

Digital Healthcare Marketing Strategies w/ Neil Patel #119

In today’s episode, co-host Justin Knott is joined by special guest Neil Patel. Neil is one of the top digital marketing thought leaders in the industry having amassed 100,000s of followers and millions of website visitors each month. He is the owner of Neil Patel...

Physician Liaison Balancing Act #118

In today’s episode, host Kelley Knott is joined by Kelly Montgomery. Kelly works for Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama. And we're a part of a larger health care organization called Ascension Healthcare, which is the largest nonprofit in the nation. Specifically,...

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