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“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

3 Simple Ways to Help You Get Past The “Gatekeepers” “The doctor is in clinic and can’t see you right now.” “I’m sorry they are at lunch (at 3pm…) but I can give that to them.” “We are really busy and the doctor (or office manager) can’t see you right now, but I’ll...

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Physician Liaison Marketing, Gaining the Competitive Edge Healthcare marketing is competitive world especially in this digital age and the struggle to keep your medical practice and services seen can be exhausting. But there is one area of healthcare marketing that...

Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Physician Liaison Marketing Made Easy

Take Control of Your Physician Referral Relationships “Delivering the highest level of professionalism should be your biggest differentiator.” -Kelley Knott It’s clear that implementing a physician liaison marketing program for your medical practice and hospital...

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How To Remove a Google Review Ep 144

Reviews are essential to the growth of your online presence, but it’s not the only purpose. With the help of reviews, we can also improve our business. By receiving client feedback on what we are doing wrong or are doing poorly, we can immediately pinpoint and plan a...

Increasing Clinical Efficiencies with Dr. Brent Lacey Ep 143

Dr. Brent Lacey is the first recurring guest on the podcast. In his previous guesting, we talk about Debt, Burnout & Practice Management. Missed that episode? Click here to listen. Dr. Lacey founded The Scope Of Practice website as well as the podcast. His goal is...

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