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Physician Liaison Training Program

Physician Liaison Training Program

3 Musts When Choosing A Physician Liaison Training Program Implementing a physician liaison program for your practice can be overwhelming and exciting. The key to building a successful physician liaison marketing program is providing a robust physician liaison...

“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

“Gatekeepers” Getting in the Way of Growing Your Network?

3 Simple Ways to Help You Get Past The “Gatekeepers” “The doctor is in clinic and can’t see you right now.” “I’m sorry they are at lunch (at 3pm…) but I can give that to them.” “We are really busy and the doctor (or office manager) can’t see you right now, but I’ll...

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Get the Competitive Edge in Physician Relations Marketing

Physician Liaison Marketing, Gaining the Competitive Edge Healthcare marketing is competitive world especially in this digital age and the struggle to keep your medical practice and services seen can be exhausting. But there is one area of healthcare marketing that...

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Local SEO For Healthcare Practices #138

How do you get started, and does Search Engine Optimization really matter? Join Justin in this episode as he walks us through how to navigate the waters of SEO and the importance of Local SEO for healthcare practices. [00:01 – 08:49] What is SEO? I introduce the topic...

Google Ads & PPC For Medical Practices #137

Welcome to another episode, and today we are joined again by Nick LaIuppa. Nick is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Nick LaIuppa Marketing. With his expertise and experience, he will walk us through a lesson about Google Ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) for Medical...

Finding Success with Social Advertising to Patients #136

When choosing the right social platforms for your advertising and marketing, there are several factors to take into account. The demographics of your customers/targeted customers, the type of users present on a specific social platform, and many more. Here with us...

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